Light reading, Mrs.Eswari


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Mrs. ESWARI THIYAGARAJAH is a lady of many gifts. She studied arts under the late Mr. Terry de Nicsce and George de Nicse, and has won prizes from the Ceylon society of Arts. She does oil paintings, portraits and back settings.

A lover of animals, Mrs. Thiyagarajah has 12 dogs, 2 cat, and fish at the moment. She is also an animal trainer and trains her pets to obey her. She has at one time had a dog, cat and squirrel drinking out of the same bowl! "You can train animals to do anything" she said. She is the mother of two, a daughter and son and a proud grandmother of a little grandson.

Mrs.Thiyagarajah does true - light - reading and talismans as well. Cures illnesses with Ola treatment and prescribes legumes, and Kasayas. She is also well versed in the subjects of astrology and palmistry.

Easvari is an old girl of Good Shepherd Convent, Kotahena, and she, has taught art at St. Lawrence's Wellawatte, from 1954-1963. She is now an art teacher at Wesley College. She is also able to do 18 different kinds of saree painting and has worked as a designer for about 2 1/2 years at a firm.

The grand daughter of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan Mrs. Thiyagarajah takes an interest in social work. She sculptures with plaster-of-Paris and 'potty' which is Similar to clay and play the violin, too; both Eastern and Western " music.

Unfortunately her work as, a part-time art teacher and helping to run a school canteen does ' not leave her with enough time to practice regularly her many talents. She took to photography too, some time ago and had mastered some camera tricks etc, but she does not do this anymore. Mrs. Thiyagarajah. was featured recently on a T.V. program by Yorkshire Television of the U.K.

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